Property Sales Real Estate


     Fine Home International Group “Property Sales Team” are using a mixture of negotiation, marketing and sales skills. This Team specialize in sales role, also involves helping to advertise properties. We are able to inspire trust and confidence in clients and buyers. If you are a buyer or an investor and you want to buy or invest a Property in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the experience call center team will contact you and collect all the informations about the property you need and send it to a Specialist in Sales team in real estate in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and they will find the best property to your request. We have specialists in all areas of Abu Dhabi which will ensure that we will find the best property as soon as possible with the best price.


     Property Leasing Teams in Fine Home International Group are primary responsible for consistently high production of leasing deals. If you are a tenant and looking for a property for rent, when you are call Fine Home International Group, the professional call center will collect all the informations regarding the property you want and sent it to a specialist in leasing team,and they will assign a client to go with you to see the property within 1 hour only.


     If you are the owner and you need to sell or rent your properties with Fine Home International Group, the call center team will get all the informations about your property and send it to our professional Data Entry team to publish it in our CRM, then on advertisement portal and on our website to be in the market within 1 hour.


     Call Center Team in Fine Home International Group have good interpersonal skills to understand customers’ inquiries or complaints and deal effectively with people. They serves customers by determining requirements, answering inquiries, resolving problems, fulfilling requests, maintaining database, handling a variety of functions including customer service, technical support, telesales and customer contact. Call Center Team make an important contribution to customer satisfaction by providing a prompt, efficient, and courteous service to callers whoever they are, Tenants, Buyers, or Owners.


     Business Development Team in Fine Home International Group work closely with property sales and leasing managers as well as with top management, looking for ways to provide you with effective solutions and to help you to buy or sell or invest and grow your business.

     Our team is specialized in Abu Dhabi real estate market and we all know that this market is constantly changing. For this reason, Business Development Team is regularly training the employees as we develop our staff all the time and not only by providing them with the skills they need to meet their targets but also by supporting them accomplish all what the market needs.


♦     Photography Team in Fine Home International Group  has extensive experience in building Virtual Tours with the best quality using multiple exposure blending also known as HDR (High Dynamic Range) with modern equipment and up-to date software’s. Also we have added panoramic 360° photography service and 360° Aerial Photography.

♦     Photography Team began taking photo of all the real estate according to this methods, which provides a complete vision required in all details for the property through a Virtual Tours undertaken by the client on our website in addition to that it gives the client a high degree of credibility and transparency as well as save time, effort, and money for the client.


     Design Team in Fine Home International Group create 360 virtual tours of Customer's properties and publish it on our website to view, together with 360 videos and presentations, as a part of advertising the properties. Customer can take a tour in the properties by browsing it in our website and without going in the place to save money and time with high quality and transparency.
     Design Team makes high quality designs, videos, and images to make properties more attractive in order to serve the customers to buy or sell their properties.
     Design Team was doing property presentations for the customers to have a reference in buying or renting properties. Also create property advertisement, tarpaulins and brochures to help customers advertise their properties.