Properties Management

Our services


Our company provides in field of property management the follow services:

Owners of the properties want profit without any problems disturbs them, and our company takes into account this, the company provides the ingredients which may make the owner achieve his desire to save his time, effort and his money, for this we have procedure work on to pleasing the owner and tenant, our procedure synopsis as following.


Time Ingredient

We takes into account the time ingredient, to save the owner time also the company time, and this through assesses the property according to the market, and make the propaganda for the property which attracts the tenants for the property, to rent the property in the fastest time possible.


Marketing Ingredient

The right way to market for a property considered almost important ingredient which should takes into account, because the marketing is the way to provide the property for the market, and our company have a several ways to market such as through a different media, news papers or internet also individual marketing by the preventatives of real estate marketing whose are trainers, the company market in the various marketing ways for the property by the right way to attract the tenants for the property.


Safety Ingredient

From the legal side and financial side, and so the company provides it, the company follow up all problems which may result of rent the property.

The company drafts the tenancy contracts which sign between the owner and the tenant. To save the owner right and tenancy right.

The company receive the rent amount from the tenant and transfer it to the building bank account or (owner account).

The legal department in the company drafts the contracts and letters and claims and other necessary legal works.

Also the accountant department do a reports and follow up the cheuqes and the due payments from the tenants, also follow up all that the building need from maintenance and other from the financial side.

Also bind the tenants in case of the tenant want to leave the unite to provide all clearances from the government (water, electric, gas, communications).

The company provide full periodic report to the owner of the property about all works through section of follow up.