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Exhibitions Catalog

Fine Home for Managing Exhibitions & Conferences


        Local EST. established in 2012 to serve The Exhibitions & Conferences in The United Arab Emirates. Chairperson Mrs. Mona Al Suwaidi. The Deep experience of Mrs. Mona Al Suwaidi, Chairperson of the Board who has experience of more than 15 years in the management of exhibitions as she was the chief of exhibitions of Productive Families in the women’s union in the United Arab Emirates which aim at improving the economic position of the productive families and support women in the field of local production to upgrade the technical experience of the families and safeguard the deep tradition for United Arab Emirates which come back to be the result for the UAE community in general. These exhibitions achieved a big success during the period of management of Mrs. Mona Al Suwaidi, who was working under the umbrella and guidance of Her Highness Shiekha / Fatma Bint Mubarak.
        And in addition to the experience of Mrs. Mona Al Suwaidi, she has used a group of experts in the field of exhibition to establish Fine Home for organizing Exhibitions and Conferences, in order to blend their experience in different types of exhibitions whether they were entertaining, marketing or Commercial exhibitions in order to add all what is new in the field of exhibition as the purpose of an exhibition is not just to make profits of it, but the main goal of any exhibition is to spread the cultures of different societies especially the UAE society which will establish good relations between these societies.
       The company takes consideration of all of that and enlightens all exhibitors about that and encourages and supports them in marketing their products during and after the exhibition. The company has already organized local exhibitions and conferences which were successfully attracted the people as consequence the number of exhibitors has reduced which was a source of improvement of the performances and support for the national economy.