Bawabat Al Sharq Mall Exhibition

Exhibition Overview  

Country United Arab Emirates
Company Fine home International Group
Location Baniyas East - Abu Dhabi
Period From:29/07/2013    To:29/09/2013

Exhibition Description

Fine home International Group is looking to participate the celebration Of the happy occasions with her customers in everywhere, in this case Fine home International Group was pleased to share the happiness of Ramadan, Aid & also the back to school , with Bawabat al sharq mall in baniyas city Abu Dhabi from 29/07/13 to 29/09/13,the event was held In the souk mekness area in the first floor of the Mall which is specified By it is traditional & classic design which is perfectly assorted with our 10 placed traditional tents giving a nice impression that we are in one Mysterious & luxurious palace of one of a great king Briefly don’t lose the chance to attend all our events