Khalifa Park Exhibition

Exhibition Overview  

Country United Arab Emirates
Company Fine home International Group
Location Khalifa Park
Period From:25/04/2013    To:20/05/2013

Exhibition Description

As Fine home International is usually looking to realize the wishes of her customers & OMNIA organization is always trying to help poor child’s to get their dreams happens in reality In This occasion the two companies are cooperated together to achieve a popular dream & to Organize a traditional souk in a big event including 20 tents from 25/04/2013 to 20/05/2013 Containing traditional foods, handcrafts, accessories, Arabic Perfumes & many other different items & this was taken place in one of the onderful places in Abu Dhabi it in Khalifa Park With have created a mysterious chance where was meted the entrainment, the beautiful Nature & shopping pleasure dream perfectly realized.